About Avocouture by Avocado

Avocouture, previously known as Avocado, is an indie lingerie brand that has been operating on the lingerie market for almost 20 years. They were one of the first “dressers” of my bust in its new, size-conscious and aesthetically satisfied version, and even though my bra wardrobe is now full of products of various companies, it is constantly at the forefront when it comes to design, and ranks high when it comes to comfort. And I know I am not alone in my attachment.

Avocado is transforming – and yet it remains itself! In the frenzy of rebranding, creating a new collection and a new online store, the creator of the new Avocouture brand was persuaded to do a longer interview – very interesting for me and, I hope, for you.

Avocado is almost 20 years old. From the very beginning, we create underwear for women with full busts. We know the meaning of comfort and support that is a must to make a perfect D+ bra.

At the same time, we understand lingerie can be seen as an object of beauty: silky, appealing to the eye, evoking pleasure. Something special.

20 years ago, underwear in sizes larger than C, firstly, was available in a very limited range, and secondly, it had a specific character, its design shouted: I’m solid! I am like orthopedic shoes next to high heels – practical and good for health.
Only underwear in standard sizes could be beautiful and sensual.
And yet knitwear does not necessarily have to be thick to be strong, and the bra cups do not necessarily need to be armored with a sponge to support the breasts well.

My idea was to create underwear that would look as delicate as possible and, at the same time, would really support bigger breasts.

I don’t like statements that underwear is an important part of the clothing or that it is not important. It is a matter of priorities. There are women who buy very high-quality underwear, and very ordinary clothes, there are also those who wear cheap underwear under expensive clothes, because they don’t want to spend money on something that you can’t see anyway. Of course, women with larger breasts find it harder to do without underwear of at least decent quality, because walking without a supportive bra, let alone running or cycling, can be simply painful.

So, I come to the question of quality – and this is a really complicated issue, because how, for example, can you compare sports underwear to thin lace?

Unfortunately, I am not an expert in sports underwear, but I am aware that the selection of fabrics – breathable, quick-drying, super-durable, etc., with various parameters is huge.

Underwear such as ours, of course, requires great basic materials – straps, knitted fabric for the back of the bra, fasteners and accessories, but the biggest impact on the price of our bras are laces and embroideries from which we sew the cups and the amount of work that needs to be put into the bra.

Most of our embroidery comes from Switzerland, there are also Italian ones, but we buy laces from France and Austria. Avocado is a small company, so we order relatively small quantities, and things that are produced in small quantities are always much more expensive than mass-produced ones.

In the case of embroidery and lace, quality is not simply the durability of the material (especially since, for example, natural materials such as silk are much less durable than polyester ones, and silk or cotton lace or tulle in a bra for large breasts will not work – they are not enough. durable).
In the case of embroidery, what counts is design, careful workmanship, appropriate backing and threads, and know-how.

Embroidery production is much more complicated than I used to think! For example, the embroidery itself is not applied to the tulle, but the tulle with a protective layer, which is then etched, and then the tulle itself is rinsed, dried and finished. This protection is necessary so that the hitting needles do not tear the delicate tulle and make holes. We can personalize the embroidery we order – we introduce changes to the finished design, extend it as standard and choose the colors. The choice of colors is huge! 

Lace comes in many types, from relatively simple, in which the production process is fully automated and which are produced literally kilometers, to the finest Leavers lace, which has been produced consistently for over 100 years on over a hundred years old looms. The production of top-class lace is time-consuming and requires great skill, and it results in the most beautiful lace with a nuanced pattern.

Cheap embroidery is cheap for several reasons. First of all, they are usually not original patterns – cheap embroidery factories counterfeit patterns designed by designers working for the reputable ones. Of course, neither the quality of workmanship nor the raw materials used can match the original – there is a huge difference in the accuracy of workmanship, color and finish.

Our underwear is sewn in Poznań. In the case of individual orders or small shop orders, all things are made in our studio. We realize larger orders with the help of a friendly sewing room with several decades of tradition. All things are cut out and sewn by hand. Due to the fact that our patterns are complicated, it takes an average of 1.5 to 2 hours to sew each bra, and the seamstress spent 5.5 hours to sew our record-breaking silk bra, Adelé.

My ambition is not to please everyone, but the visual aspect of our underwear is extremely important to me. On the other hand, I cannot imagine making underwear that only looks beautiful or original, but is not suitable for wearing. For example, I cannot imagine the pleasure of going on a date in underwear or in clothes in which we are uncomfortable and which need to be constantly checked if it is in its place, it has not moved anywhere – a nightmare!

Avocouture lingerie is for women who like to feel beautiful underneath their clothes, but certainly not at the expense of their comfort.